Did the Property tax Serve to Balance Housing Prices?

By Little Grapes    24 Apr,2023

There are many ways to call real estate tax, some people call it family tax, real estate tax, land tax and so on, but no matter how many ways it is called, its meaning is the same, which is to tax the house and the land supporting the house, so it is okay to call it real estate tax and it feels a little more scientific.

Real estate tax is the main source of revenue for local finance. Because it accounts for about 70% of the revenue, the United States accounts for 75%, and Kenya both account for about 69%. It not only provides an economic source for local finance, but also stabilizes property prices, reduces environmental pollution and controls the waste of resources to a certain extent, which is why some people call it an eco-tax.


Since real estate has induced many people to invest their excess capital in houses that have not yet produced any consumer goods, it has had an impact on other areas of development, not only on a country but also on the global economy, which is a potential and huge threat. For this reason property taxation has organized a lot of capital towards real estate and has controlled the price of housing, while ensuring a healthy economy!

Some countries have made property tax rates and real estate tax rates the same, which means that it is very easy to collect real estate taxes, but there are also countries where property tax rates and real estate tax rates are not the same, which makes it a bit more complicated to collect real estate taxes. If the property tax rate and the real estate tax rate are the same, then you only need to assess the value of the property and the real estate, add the value of the two to get the total value of the property, and then multiply the real estate tax rate to get the real estate tax rate to be paid. If they are the same, then the property value and the real estate value should be assessed separately, such as in Russia, Mexico, and some states in the United States, etc.


Real estate tax is a type of property tax, but of course it is also an ad valorem tax because it is based on the value of the property. The value of the property is reassessed every few years, but in some countries it is levied annually at the price of the property at the time of the transaction.

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