Credit Card Debt Problems for Americans!

By Wendy    26 Feb,2024

1. Average Credit Card Debt by State

The United States faces a significant challenge in managing credit card debt. According to Bankrate's research, Alaska leads the nation with the highest average credit card debt per capita. Residents in the "Last Frontier" carry an average balance of $4,970, significantly higher than the national average of $3,820. Other states with above-average debt include Montana, Connecticut, Colorado, and Washington.


2. Average Credit Card Debt by Age Group

Age plays a significant role in determining credit card debt. Bankrate's study found that the highest average debt belongs to those aged 40-49, with an average of $5,070 per cardholder. This age group is often juggling the expenses of raising a family, mortgage payments, and other financial responsibilities. On the other hand, the lowest average debt is carried by those aged 18-29, with an average of $2,940. This group is typically more financially conservative and may have lower credit limits.


3. Credit Card Debt by Household Income

Unsurprisingly, household income is closely linked to credit card debt. Those with lower incomes tend to carry higher credit card balances, as they may rely on credit cards to cover everyday expenses. Households earning less than $30,000 per year have an average credit card debt of $4,740, while households earning over $75,000 have an average debt of $4,280. However, these figures are still above the national average of $3,820, indicating that credit card debt is a widespread issue across all income levels.


4. What Should I Consider When Buying Credit Life Insurance?

Credit life insurance is a type of insurance that pays off a borrower's outstanding debt in the event of their death. When considering credit life insurance, it's essential to weigh the cost against the benefits. Typically, credit life insurance is more expensive than traditional life insurance policies, and the coverage amount decreases as the balance of the loan decreases. Additionally, some lenders may require credit life insurance as part of the loan agreement, but it's important to understand that you have the right to choose your insurance provider. Overall, individuals should carefully consider their needs and financial situation before purchasing credit life insurance.


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