How do I buy Insurance?

By Little Grapes    24 Apr,2023

First, buy adults before children

If you need to buy insurance for yourself and your family, then you must prioritize. The first thing you should do is to buy for the adults in your family, because they are generally the main source of income for a family. If there is any accident in the family that causes a serious blow, this time you need insurance to help us transfer the economic risk and tide over the difficulties.


Second, priority to buy protection products

If you have difficulty in choosing among many insurance products, it is recommended to give priority to purchasing protection type products and then consider other products. So what are the main types of protection products? It contains medical insurance, critical illness insurance, accident insurance, etc. A person needs to buy insurance first with some of the most basic protection products, and then choose other insurance products to consolidate. This will enable the insurance to play its role to the fullest and provide more comprehensive protection for you and your family.

Third, the right layout for buying insurance for children.

If a family's adult insurance has been purchased to perfection, then you can start to consider the purchase of children's insurance, buy children's insurance is still the same as adults, priority to buy protection products, such as: accident insurance, medical insurance, critical illness insurance, etc., in addition, if your family's economic situation is better, then you can also buy an education fund insurance for your children, so you can ensure that your children This will ensure that your children will have a worry-free future.


Four, more insurance policies, more care

① Accident insurance

The probability of accidents in life is high, so everyone should buy an accident insurance, which is also the most basic policy. This type of insurance generally has a coverage period of less than 1 year and is relatively inexpensive, which will not put a financial burden on your family.

② Critical Illness Insurance

At this stage, the incidence of cancer, tumors and other major diseases is increasing, which not only brings physical harm to the patient, but also brings a major financial burden to a family. This is the time when you need critical illness insurance to provide financial support and it will not bring any burden to your family, so critical illness insurance is an essential policy.


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