Real Estate Investment Needs to be Careful!

By Little Grapes    24 Apr,2023

Investment first safety first, because high returns must be accompanied by high risk, if the family economic situation is not very good friends, it is recommended that the first choice of developed countries with a mature and sound legal system, such as Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, etc., in the rule of law society disputes can also have the space to defend their rights. For some places of political instability, if there is any problem, it can only be self-seeking.

The development of the country and the speed of infrastructure is not very stable, some planning out a few years has not yet begun to start, even if the construction of a bridge to build 3 to 4 years, a light rail to build five years is also relatively normal, as for the construction of new cities, it may take 15 to 20 years, you can not afford to wait, your capital flow can not hold up to build a good? And also need to pay attention to the convenience and maturity of the surrounding, not all believe in planning.


Don't be overly enamored with the high rental income boasted by the agent, because buying an existing house to eat rent in addition to the vacancy period, property taxes, management fees, property fees, housing depreciation, the last remaining will not be much, so be sure to calculate the return to hand. Like some places highly dependent on tourism, it is more encounter some more embarrassing state. Now eat to rent a house is like P2P, you look at the high interest (rent), others look at your principal (if rented 10 years later, your house becomes old, dilapidated can still be sold to get back the capital), these definitely need to think. Some houses are also rented to attract buyers, then part of the rental income has actually been included in the price of the house, well-known developers do not bother to rent.


You must visit the site to buy a house, not just look at it on Google Maps, because you can't tell on Google Maps whether it's a blue collar residential area or a small white collar residential area ....... Not only should you look over the site with the agent, but spend some time on your own in the neighborhood to experience the experience for yourself! The agent taking the tour is his process of brainwashing you, be sure to pay attention to some sales may not have been to the country, and recommend the house to customers!

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