How do I buy Auto Insurance?

By Little Grapes    24 Apr,2023

I believe that many partners in the 4S store after the purchase of insurance, do not know what insurance they bought, but also do not know what the insurance is mainly insured, how to use the insurance, then the next for you to introduce the details of the car routine four insurance content, if it helps you, must point to praise!

I. Must buy insurance traffic insurance, car and boat use tax.

① traffic insurance is the implementation of the national law mandatory insurance system, must buy insurance, do not buy can not legally on the road plus driving.

② Car and boat use tax is the use tax levied on car and boat holders with the characteristic image of car and boat. This is an insurance company to pay on behalf of. It is also part of the insurance that must be purchased.

II. Third party liability insurance

Apply to the accident to pay for each other's losses insurance, whether you drive or your friends can use, it is recommended to buy 200W, now more and more luxury cars on the road, not to an accident to lose their fortune. Remember to add a "medical insurance outside the use of drug liability insurance" this insurance a few dozen dollars, buy can save some things, but do not buy does not necessarily mean not to pay.


III. Vehicle damage insurance

Applicable to their own vehicles in traffic accidents damage or damage to pay for their own vehicles, which includes the vehicle spontaneous combustion, vehicles involved in water, glass alone broken, can not find a third party, designated special repair together.

IV. Seat insurance

Injuries in traffic accidents, pay medical expenses or compensation, novice drivers or often people riding in the car is recommended to buy a, of course, after buying the seat insurance remember to add a "driver and passenger insurance" this insurance is an additional insurance, the critical moment or more useful, and driver and passenger insurance will not affect the coming year premium increases.

Traffic insurance generally refers to the compulsory insurance for motor vehicle traffic accident liability, the scope of compensation for traffic insurance has three aspects: accidental death and disability, accidental medical treatment, and property damage.


The so-called vehicle and vessel tax is a tax payable by the owners or managers of vehicles and vessels in the People's Republic of China in accordance with the Vehicle and Vessel Tax Law of the People's Republic of China and the State.

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