Some Things About Credit Cards.

By Wendy    24 Apr,2023

Why use a credit card?

When properly managed, credit cards are safer and more valuable than debit cards or cash.

1,If your credit card is used without your permission, you will only lose a small amount of money, and if you have reported the credit card lost or stolen before then, you will not experience any financial loss.


2,When you buy something with a credit card and something goes wrong with your purchase before you pay for it, then you can dispute the purchase and you can still get your money back before it reaches the seller. However, if you are using a debit card or cash, it is not as easy to recover.

3,You can add your loved ones as your authorized users to help them build credit and earn you rewards for their purchases. However, you should be aware that inappropriate use by authorized users will affect your usage.


Common types of credit cards.

1,Reward Credit Cards: There are usually two categories: travel cards and cash back cards. The standard use of cash back cards can earn a percentage of money. The standard use of travel cards can earn points and miles that you can redeem for travel, merchandise and more, in addition to certain perks such as free hotel upgrades and the like.

2,0% APR and balance transfer cards: These two types of credit cards feature specifically for debt and interest. You can use a balance transfer card to transfer debt from an existing credit card to a new one, ideally to help you reduce interest. Credit cards used for balance transfers will offer an introductory period of 0% APR, which will allow you to pay no interest for a while, making your payments easier.


3,Low interest credit card: As the name suggests, it is a credit card with a relatively low interest rate and a lower than average ongoing APR. Perfect for newbies or those who need to use it in a hurry.

4,Student Credit Card: This is a great credit card for students, usually without a guarantee, and will offer better rewards rates, lower fees, and features that fit the student's financial needs.

5,Credit Building Card: The disciplined use of this type of card can help you build a credit history and improve your credit score, while also providing convenient and secure payment options.

A credit card is a financial product, choose a card that suits your situation and needs, and it will give you more value and security when used in a disciplined manner.

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