How to Choose a Credit Card That Suits you?

By LI    24 Apr,2023

With the combination of factors such as fluctuations in the external environment and macroeconomic pressures, credit cards have become a habit for most people. This convenience of spending in advance has largely eased the economic pressure. For those who do not have a credit card, it is a tricky problem to get a credit card that suits your needs. In this regard, the following is a list of content related to the processing of credit cards, I hope you can help.


1, determine your spending limit

When you choose a credit card, you should know your spending level well to ensure that the credit card you apply for can meet your spending needs and will not lead to overdue due to excessive spending. Therefore, it is best to have a credit limit that meets your basic needs, so that 1-2 credit cards can meet your capital flow needs and also be easy to manage.

2, Choose a bank

After you have a clear goal, it is especially important to choose a bank. The most convenient way is to choose a credit card that belongs to the same bank as your payroll card. Compared with bank counter repayment and ATM self-service repayment, automatic repayment can be handled under the same bank, which is more convenient to operate. If the above ways do not let you choose the right credit card, then you can choose a bank with more outlets or a variety of Internet banking functions.


3, Types of credit cards

There are many types of credit cards even under the same bank. Each type of credit card has a focus in terms of usage, for example: credit cards co-branded with airlines, credit cards with discounts for shopping at supermarkets, credit cards suitable for shopping at malls ...... It is a matter of choosing a suitable type of credit card according to your daily life.

4, Credit card payment

No matter what kind of credit card you choose, you need to "pay" for it, here the fees refer to the annual fee, over-limit fee, cash withdrawal fee, etc.. As far as the annual fee is concerned, it can be a few dozen or more than a thousand, which can be a significant expense in the long run. Most banks do not charge annual fees for their regular cards, but the credit limit is also relatively low. Different banks also have annual fee waiver policies, where the annual fee is waived for a limited period of time once the goal is reached. Although the credit card needs to be "paid", but the value of the service it brings is also good.

5, points standard

The cooperation between the bank and the merchant has promoted this special point exchange method, brush credit card can give points, and points can be exchanged for goods, many people are also for this benefit to open a credit card, it can be said that points is a credit card subsidiary value. So in order for you to enjoy more services, when you choose to apply for a credit card, pay attention to the timeliness of the points, long-term valid points can bring us more benefits.


As a simple credit service for non-cash transactions, credit card is the most common financial instrument. When we have this need, choose a most suitable credit card according to our needs, and use it correctly and effectively within reason!

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